Activate Data-Driven Intelligence

Leverage powerful insights that command ROI.

Insights That Move The Needle


Bridge leverages its nationwide database of first-party transaction data alongside valuable third-party data captured from its partner ecosystem in order to generate unique data points and insights on over 160M beverage alcohol consumers. Gain access to deep insights via the Bridge Intelligence platform or take advantage of our white-glove consulting.


Define Unique Customer Profiles & Build New Audience Segments


Bridge provides easy-to-consume insights, analytics and reporting specifically tailored for your brand in an easy to consume dashboard. Quickly share information across your organization so you can begin making smarter business decisions.

  • Market & Account
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Demand Forecasting
  • % Wallet Share
  • Category Benchmarking
  • Promotions & Pricing Performance
  • Purchasing Behavior
  • Propensity Analysis

Insights At Your Fingertips

Stop relying on surveys, mail-in-rebates, and scan data to understand your customers. Bridge leverages millions of transactions across a nationwide network of retailers and third-party data partners to help you define customers that have the highest affinity to your brand.
Once these customers are defined, we’ll help you build unique audience segments so you can start activating your data and begin targeting those weekend warriors, brand loyalists and bargain shoppers across a variety of different mediums.

Quit Guessing and Start Measuring


Understand what makes your customers tick. Glean powerful insights on purchasing behavior, psychographic tendencies, demographics and more.


Leverage our nationwide network of retail and media partners in order to deliver impactful point-of-purchase marketing and advertising campaigns both online and offline.


Take advantage of real-time sales data to tweak campaigns based on efficacy.


Our robust analytics and reporting can help you define what worked and what could be improved upon for next time.

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